Human Rights for Recovery

human rights for recovery

We, Next Step Recovery, offer Intensive Outpatient and Extended Care Recovery Programs for Men in Asheville, North Carolina, and advocate for human rights for recovery. We aim to give men the tools to make long-term sustainable changes in their lives to combat addiction. Our program seeks to build trust with those suffering from addiction in […]

Drug Addiction Types

drug addiction types

Overcoming addiction can be extremely difficult. This is especially so if you try and stop the use of addictive substances on your own. Instead, it’s best to seek the help of a team of professionals to ensure your safety and success. Next Step Recovery provides our patients with comprehensive recovery services that increase their chances […]

How to Help a Son with Addiction

helping an addicted son

Addiction is a difficult disease to live with. It is also difficult on the friends and family members of the individual that is suffering from the disease of addiction. If you have a son that is addicted to a substance, you may not know what actions you can take to get them the help they […]

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

recognizing the signs of addiction

If you or someone you know is struggling, we can help. Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped hundreds of men and their families embark on this life-changing adventure. You can too. To take the next step, call 828.761.0722 or email to learn more.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

mental health awareness month - may

We would like to remind our community that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month, everyone is encouraged to be mindful of mental health and how it affects the lives of both those who are forced to live with a mental illness and those around them. Each year we fight against the stigma […]

The 12 Step Recovery Program

12 step recovery program

At Next Step Recovery, we offer 12 Step Programs for men located in Asheville, NC, that offers the 12 Step Recovery Program for those battling addiction. Our program is a proven path to lasting sobriety. The 12 Step Program is a clinically proven method for addiction recovery. Our program has been shown to be effective […]

Intensive Outpatient Programs Recommended After Inpatient Treatment Services

intensive outpatient programs recommended after inpatient treatment services

We at Next Step Recovery recommend Intensive Outpatient Programs after Inpatient Services and want to reach out to our community to emphasize how important it is for men after they are discharged. This advice is specifically geared towards those who are in recovery from substance use disorder and who are leaving residential treatment and medical […]

Hope For Recovery: Is There Hope for Real Recovery from Addiction?

hope for recovery

If you or a loved one have been struggling with addiction, you may be wondering if there is any reason to hope that things can get better.  That’s a reasonable question given the devastation that often accompanies addiction. Spoiler alert: they can. In fact, hope is the very foundation for recovery.  It’s also the second […]

Finding Self Love in 12 Steps

finding self love in 12 steps

Love is a tough thing sometimes.  Loving another individual can be difficult, but loving one’s self is often a much more arduous task – especially for an addict.  As an addict, when I thought of self-love, I would imagine this elusive persona decorated with endless amounts of tranquility.  I thought it would be impossible to […]

A True Story of Hope

a true story of hope

My name is H**** E******.  I grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I now reside in the peculiar little city of Asheville, North Carolina.  I love it here, and I couldn’t really ask for more than what I’ve got in my life today.  My life had always been a good one; the people around me […]

Take the Next Step in Your Recovery

Our goal is to help you overcome your addiction and develop the tools you need for a sustainable recovery. Give us a call to learn more about our addiction treatment programs for men.