Intensive Outpatient Programs Recommended After Inpatient Treatment Services

We at Next Step Recovery recommend Intensive Outpatient Programs after Inpatient Services and want to reach out to our community to emphasize how important it is for men after they are discharged.

This advice is specifically geared towards those who are in recovery from substance use disorder and who are leaving residential treatment and medical detox. People remain at high risk for relapse during this period. Learn more about Relapse Prevention at the following link:

Those who complete an inpatient recovery program must not make the mistake of assuming that their recovery journey is complete. Sobriety is an ongoing task, one that more often than not follows an individual for the rest of their lives. As such, it is vitally important that they receive adequate support at every stage, as well as, especially during their initial transition from inpatient treatment.

Inpatient services such as medical detox or residential treatment can help a person struggling with substance use disorder stabilize and provide a foundation on which to start their sobriety; however, once discharged, an Intensive Outpatient Program such as the one we offer at Next Step Recovery is the next level of care needed to help ensure that they have all the resources they need to continue on.

We provide patients with Intensive Outpatient Program Services that give them the tools they need to transition back to normal life while minimizing the risk of relapse. Staying sober takes work and no one should have to go through such an experience by themselves. Just as an individual would be right to seek help with an immediate substance abuse crisis, we believe they also deserve to have the support they need to carry on afterwards. We encourage men in this position to reach out to us for all the help they need keeping their lives on track.

effective addiction treatment for men
IOP for men

Our Intensive Outpatient Program at Next Step Recovery is a 15 hour per week therapy program designed to help patients transition from inpatient facilities and this option is also recommended when regular outpatient services are deemed insufficient. It gives patients access to extra clinical and 12-step support in the weeks immediately following their discharge (since this period is when relapse is most likely), and we utilize intensive group therapy, individual counseling, 12-step immersion education, and even Teleheath to support long-term recovery.

Some may be pleased to learn we offers access to wilderness therapies as well which have the advantage of helping patients heal, empower themselves, and get involved in their community. Each person’s road to recovery is their own to follow and here at Next Step Recovery, we are highly sensitive to the fact that such journeys are incredibly personal experiences for every individual.

As a result, clients undergo a thorough clinical assessment during the admission process that helps the recovery center determine the type of support that will be needed, as well as, the degree to which it should be applied. We also want to advise that our IOP may be covered by most major health insurance plans. Our approach to recovery has been extremely helpful for many of the patients who have walked through their doors. This is evident in the glowing testimonials of the center that have been left online, such as a Google review from Josiah Emrick that says, “ Next Step Recovery was an Awesome place, good people, lots of fun. Definitely helps with the problems I had. I love Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Bo is a great teacher and so is Alex. Susan will also help with any needs you might have.”

Click here to read more reviews: Other reviews help paint a more solid picture of our services, but patients or family members who wish to learn more are welcome to get in touch with our team at Next Step Recovery for additional details. We are also active on social media as well, and interested parties may connect with the center through our platforms to stay abreast of our latest developments. They may also learn more here:

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