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Next Step Recovery provides The Greater Asheville Community with various clinical recovery support services, support groups, and job and educational resources specifically designed for men ages 18-40. At our treatment facility, we believe that for lasting recovery, individuals need to have more than addiction treatment under their belts, they also need a plan for the future! 

That’s why we provide extensive resources so you can continue prioritizing your physical and mental health while preparing for a productive future. Below you will find a list of NC recovery support services that may benefit individuals after completing outpatient treatment at our treatment center.

Support Groups

The following support groups are available to those both before and after substance abuse treatment. While each support group is different, many include group therapy, trauma therapy, and an emphasis on staying sober after drug rehab. To learn more call (828) 761-0722.

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) helps individuals gain independence from addiction (substances or activities). Our efforts are based on scientific knowledge and evolve as scientific knowledge evolves.

Alcoholics Anonymous of Asheville

Support group for men and women that uses the 12-step program to help members stay sober. 

Narcotics Anonymous

Support group for those recovering from substance abuse addiction. 


A support organization for friends and family members of alcoholics. Online support is available, including family therapy, emotional support, and individual counseling for those who have a loved one in recovery.

Smart Recovery

SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) helps individuals gain independence from addiction through mental health care, group therapy, and more. Our efforts are based on scientific knowledge and evolve as scientific knowledge evolves, and integrates a “4-Point Program” to help individuals stay the course when it comes to addiction recovery. The program points include:

  • Point 1: Building and Maintaining Motivation
  • Point 2: Coping with Urges
  • Point 3: Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
  • Point 4: Living a Balanced Life

Educational Resources After Addiction Treatment

Oftentimes, an addiction treatment program will inspire individuals to start a new journey in furthering their education or establishing a new career. Consider these educational resources to learn more:

Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College (AB-Tech)

Offers 2-year degree programs and courses in business, computers, engineering, construction, health care, hospitality, and more.

Mars Hill College

Four-year private liberal arts college 15 minutes North of Weaverville rooted in the Christian faith offering a variety of bachelor’s degrees in arts and sciences.

Montreat College

Christian liberal arts college located in Black Mountain, NC. Also offers graduate programs and a studies program in Asheville.


Lenoir–Rhyne University is a co-educational, private liberal arts university founded in 1891 and located in Hickory, North Carolina, USA. The university is affiliated with the North Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The University of North Carolina at Asheville

Four-year liberal arts university that is part of the highly-rated 16-campus University of North Carolina system.

Warren Wilson College

A unique private liberal arts college based on a triad that places equal emphasis on academics, work, and service learning. Well known for its environmental programs as well as its Creative Writing MFA.

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Sandy Stader

Medically Reviewed By Susan Stader MS, LCMH, LCAS, CCS

Susan Stader is the founder and director of Next Step Recovery and NSR of Asheville, an Intensive Outpatient Program and a Long-term Extended Care program in Asheville, NC. She received her Master’s in Community Counseling in 2004 at Western Carolina University and went on to get her licensure in addictions and mental health counseling. Susan believes that treatment should be gender-specific and offered in a small setting. Small recovery communities, such as hers, are more intimate and effective in overall client satisfaction and care.

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Recovery is a lifelong journey, but you don’t need to take it alone. At Next Step Recovery, we give you the tools and support you need to get through early sobriety and find lasting healing. It is our goal to empower our patients to be their best selves and live the life they deserve.

If you have any questions about our programs, methods, insurance, or anything else, reach out to us today. We look forward to helping you to get started along the road to recovery!

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