Drug Addiction Types

Overcoming addiction can be extremely difficult. This is especially so if you try and stop the use of addictive substances on your own. Instead, it’s best to seek the help of a team of professionals to ensure your safety and success. Next Step Recovery provides our patients with comprehensive recovery services that increase their chances of long-term sobriety. Our patients learn to not only address their cravings in a healthy way but also lifelong skills that they can use during and after their treatment.

If you have decided to seek help and begin your recovery journey, reach out to Next Step Recovery today. We’ll discuss the therapeutic methods we offer men and what you can expect when you enroll in our IOP program. We offer solutions for those that suffer from any type of alcohol or drug addiction. Our judgment-free treatment is focused on meeting your individual needs. Our team will do everything in their power to ensure your success!

Drug Addiction Types

Drug addiction isn’t just one thing. There are a variety of different types of drugs, and everyone responds to these drugs in different ways. Because of this, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and other factors are unique from patient to patient.

Some of the most common types of drug addiction include:

  • Amphetamines/Stimulants

  • Opioids

  • Cannabis

  • Hallucinogens

  • Central Nervous System Depressants

  • Anesthetics

Another drug that people often don’t consider to be a drug is alcohol. As it is legal, people often forget or ignore the fact that it is a mind-altering substance. Because of this, they may not think they have a “drug problem.” The truth is all of the types of drugs above (including alcohol) can be addictive and can create serious consequences in the lives of the people using them.

If you have substance issues with any type of drug, Next Step Recovery is here to help! We understand how each type of drug affects the body and mind of the patient. We will work with you to overcome your addiction, whether it be to opioids, alcohol, cannabis, stimulants, or any other type of mind-altering substance. 

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab

Long-term recovery requires the development of lifelong skills. At Next Step Recovery, we provide our patients with the help they need to overcome their substance abuse issues, while also teaching them skills that will help them to succeed moving forward. We care about our patients, and their long-term sobriety. That is why we employ therapeutic methods designed to get to the root of their addiction and treat the underlying issues. We also teach our patients practical skills that help with distress tolerance and overcoming cravings.

The IOP (Intensive Outpatient) provided by Next Step Recovery is 12 weeks long and requires the patient to visit our treatment center 3-5 days a week for a few hours a day. During this time, they learn coping mechanisms while receiving professional treatment. We offer individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step education, and many other services. These services work in tandem to provide our patients with the best chances of long-term success.

It is our goal for each and every one of our patients to get the help they need so they can live a long and happy life in sobriety.

If you have any questions about our IOP program, reach out today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you enrolled.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise helps not only the body, but also the mind. It provides a sense of peace and calm. It is also a great way to de-stress. The exercise therapy at Next Step Recovery revolves around a variety of fun activities that engage our patients and provide them with a sense of mastery. These include martial arts, meditation, yoga, and more. With these exercise programs, patients are better able to live in the moment, relax, and connect with others. As many of these exercises are skill-based, patients are able to see the results of the work they put in and rebuild their self-esteem—all while having fun!

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Speaking of fun, one of the most common concerns we get from patients is that they are worried that they will never have fun again. They are concerned about being bored in sobriety. Our Wilderness Adventure Therapy program shows them that there is a lot of fun to be had in sobriety!

Some of the fun activities we offer our patients include:

  • Hiking

  • Paintball

  • High Rope Courses

  • Watersports

  • And More

These activities are not only fun, but they are also therapeutic. They allow patients to connect with nature, practice mindfulness, and build a sense of community and brotherhood.

Why Next Step Recovery?

There are a variety of different treatment centers to choose from, so you may be wondering why you should choose Next Step Recovery. Below are some of the top reasons why you should enroll at Next Step Recovery: 

  • Our Code of Ethics. We believe strongly in providing all of our patients with the dignity, patience, and care they deserve. Our Code of Ethics is built around integrity, professionalism, and respect.
  • Male-Focused Treatment. We understand that men have specific needs. Our program is designed to benefit men and provide them with the care they need to succeed.
  • Multiple Methods of Healing. As addiction is multi-faceted, we offer multiple methods of healing for our patients.
  • Community. A strong community increases the chances of long-term recovery. Our program is designed to help our patients to form lifelong connections.

Reach Out to Next Step Recovery Today!

If you are seeking help for your substance dependence, reach out to Next Step Recovery today. A member of our team will discuss the issues you are facing, along with what we can do to meet your needs. From there, we can enroll you in our IOP program and get you started on the road to recovery.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you to start your journey!

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