May is Mental Health Awareness Month

We would like to remind our community that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. During this month, everyone is encouraged to be mindful of mental health and how it affects the lives of both those who are forced to live with a mental illness and those around them. Each year we fight against the stigma faced by those dealing with mental illness. At Next Step Recovery, our recovery specialists work to provide support, educate the public and advocate for policies that support people with mental illness, as well as, their families. Mental Health Awareness Month presents a great opportunity to reach out and educate people about mental health.

For some, seeking treatment for combined mental health disorders and substance use disorders known as co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis, is necessary to prevent relapse. Addiction changes a person both in terms of their physical health and their relationships with others. It can fracture relationships and drive those with addictions away from their family and friends. Early recovery is generally very lonely and it is important for people recovering from addiction to surround themselves with positive people who are committed to helping them succeed. Here at Next Step Recovery, men recovering from addiction have the opportunity to make lifelong connections with people who want nothing more than to see others succeed.

The environment is a crucial part of recovery and our addiction recovery facility in Asheville has everything men in early recovery need — and then some. Not only is the Asheville area a place of incredible scenery, but it is also known to be a recovery-friendly community with people welcoming others with open arms. We strive to help the men in our program rebuild their self-worth. It is never easy, but an accepting, caring community increases the chances of success. That is why our small Appalachian city has played a part in the recovery stories of so many. As we say, ‘Recovery is the Real Adventure.’ Asheville provides the perfect setting to rediscover the hero in you.

Mental health awareness month

Our addiction recovery center was founded by Susan Stader who after years spent interacting with men in recovery, learning about addiction, how to treat it, even battling addiction herself, and sought to create her own addiction treatment program. Her goal was to create a program based on structure, community and self-worth. She went on to find a program that would help people following primary treatment stay clean and sober while making the transition to rejoining the community as healthy, productive members of society. The goal has always been and continues to be to provide a welcoming setting that encourages daily structure while providing a community of like-minded individuals that are committed to leading a sober life. Read more about our addiction therapy here:

An individual shares, “Next Step Recovery was exactly what I needed in the early stages of my recovery! I spent so many years of my life hiding behind a bottle, and I could not take it anymore! Susan and her staff helped me to get back on my feet and start the process of moving on and loving life without the use of alcohol or drugs. After my three months here with NSR, I chose to stay in Asheville and continue to work on myself, with their guidance. I couldn’t imagine my life today if I was still stuck in my old ways!”

Next Step Recovery created a special IOP, Extended Care, and Sober Living Environment model. Contact us today to learn more.

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