The Ethics of Recovery

Honesty, integrity, respect, personal responsibility—these are a few of the ethical principles that are essential in recovery. Ethical conduct is also the foundation of all treatment programs at Next Step Recovery. Our employees, counselors, and peer helpers adhere to a strict code of ethics that guides our work, protects our clients, and ensures we provide the best recovery support possible by…

  • respecting human rights and dignity
  • ensuring the integrity of all professional relationships
  • acting to alleviate personal distress and suffering
  • enhancing and increasing the quality of professional knowledge and its application
  • appreciating the diversity of human experiences and cultures
  • advocating for the fair and adequate provision of services

We support every client’s right to access quality care, maintain their confidentiality, and find freedom from discrimination and stigma.

Next Step Recovery is committed to ethical business practices and does not accept compensation for referrals of any kind—a pratice, though not uncommon, that is illegal, unethical and compromises clients’ right to receive the best care possible. We do not solicit clients currently under others’ care but instead work with referring professionals to provide continuity of care in which the client is an active and willing participant.

We encourage you to review our complete Code of Ethics and to ensure that all of your service providers and colleagues are committed to the same high standards.

Take the Next Step in Your Recovery

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