The 12 Step Recovery Program

At Next Step Recovery, we offer 12 Step Programs for men located in Asheville, NC, that offers the 12 Step Recovery Program for those battling addiction. Our program is a proven path to lasting sobriety. 

The 12 Step Program is a clinically proven method for addiction recovery. Our program has been shown to be effective in a large number of cases. Also, it presents a general guideline that helps everyone, but it also allows for individual case management, depending on how the patient responds to the program. Our program is a well-worn method for bringing out a long-term change to help them live life to their fullest potential.

The 12 Steps aim to break the cycle of addiction by changing the person on a fundamental level. Each stage of the treatment allows the participant to let go of the mental blocks that have control over their actions. The program takes the onus of change away from a person’s willpower and shows them a way through guidance from a higher power. Being surrounded by peers who are going through the same struggles puts them in an accountability mindset that brings about a deeper, more substantial change.

The program is like a gentle slope rather than a hard wall. Men suffering from addiction might give up if they are put against an insurmountable challenge. The gradual changes that the addiction program encourages ensures that the transformation that they bring about sticks around for a long time. Each step helps the participant learn a new facet of their character, opening their mind up to something that was within them all along, but they were too preoccupied with addiction to see. The 12 Steps stimulate growth within the person as they learn from their mistakes.

The biggest advantages of choosing the 12 Step Program at Next Step Recovery are the friendships that one gets to build with a peer group that understands the challenges one is going through. Going through the program with a group that is trying its best to achieve sobriety, teaches everyone a lot about the human experience, in turn benefiting their own struggle with substance abuse. To learn more about our programming for addiction recovery, contact us today.

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Our program begins with an honest acceptance of the problem faced by the participant. What follows next is instilling hope in them that they can overcome their struggle and live a fulfilling life free from addiction. The participant is asked to build integrity and develop a willingness to change and take the first steps towards sobriety. Throughout the journey, the participant is taught the lessons of humility and respect for their brothers who are going through the same struggle as them.

If the participants have wronged anyone in their time when they were battling addiction, they are asked to make amends. They are taught the lesson of perseverance to help them not stray from the journey that they have embarked upon. The participant is asked to embrace spirituality through prayer and meditation to strengthen the bond that they have created throughout their time in the program. Finally, the last step to recovery is being of service to one’s fellow man and to bestow the knowledge that they have been made privy to in the program, to every soul suffering from addiction that they meet.

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