Rediscovering Joy With Adventure Therapy in Men’s Addiction Treatment

Rediscovering Joy With Adventure Therapy in Men's Addiction Treatment

The journey of gaining wellness after a road of addiction is an experience that takes resiliency, motivation, and determination. It’s not a path to take lightly. This is why, at Next Step Recovery, we provide all of the essential tools for a full recovery, including a comprehensive approach that involves both traditional and holistic therapies. […]

The Benefits Of Adventure Therapy Programs

benefits of adventure therapy programs

In researching treatment methods for addiction, you might have come across the term adventure therapy and wondered what it meant. Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Read on to learn more about adventure therapy programs and their benefits. What is adventure therapy? Adventure therapy, not to be confused with wilderness therapy, is a form […]

Benefits Of Outdoor Programs For Addiction Recovery

benefits of outdoor programs for addiction recovery

Addiction doesn’t have to rule your life. We understand that substance abuse can overtake every area of your life – we believe in finding multiple outlets to aid in your treatment and recovery experience. We at Next Step Recovery believe in the powerful benefits of outdoor programs for addiction recovery. Replace the need for drugs […]

How Does Addiction Start?

how does addiction start?

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and it can affect any individual of any background, age, or economic level. Because of the broad spectrum of people that are affected by addiction, it can be difficult to understand how your loved one ended up with a substance use disorder, or to pinpoint the moment the addiction developed. You […]

Addiction in Women Versus Men

addiction in women vs. men

Addiction is a disease that affects people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and races. With that said, there are some differences between the sexes. Whether you are male or female, though, if you are struggling with addiction, it is important to seek help. For men, Next Step Recovery is here to provide you with the […]

Road to Recovery Program for Men

road to recovery program for men

Addiction is a difficult disease to overcome—especially on your own. With the help of a team of professionals, though, it’s possible to not only stop using but also live a happy and fulfilling life. By making the decision to seek help, you’ve already begun your journey of sobriety. The next step is getting enrolled in […]

Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

long term effects of drug abuse

Many people addicted to substances don’t realize what long-term damage they are doing to their bodies. They may have experienced some short-term consequences (like trips to the hospital) but that may not be enough to deter the behavior. A lot of patients don’t realize the long-term damage they are doing to their bodies until it […]

Adventure Therapy for Addiction: Everything You Need to Know About AT & WT

adventure therapy for addiction treatment

Adventure therapy is a powerful treatment for breaking restrictive beliefs during addiction recovery. However, adventure therapy is a more structured experience than just exploring the great wide outdoors.  This non-traditional therapy comes in many forms. At Next Step Recovery we’ll walk you through all the core elements of adventure therapy for addiction recovery. In this […]

Exploring the River of Addiction: A Metaphor for Recovery

exploring the river of addiction

Dear Friend, As the temperatures climb into the 90s, many of us in Asheville are looking for ways to stay cool. At Next Step Recovery, one of our favorite ways is to grab a raft, inner tube, kayak, or canoe and spend a few hours in a mountain river going with the flow or running […]

PIVOTPoint WNC: Powerful Medicine in the Mountains


I landed in Asheville, NC raw.  Raw, confused, angry, and terrified.  I had checked two large suitcases under the small puddle-jumper.  They charged me an extra fee for the 2nd bag.  I am grateful that there are no check fees for the mountains of shame and guilt that I had also brought with me on […]

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