Benefits Of Outdoor Programs For Addiction Recovery

Addiction doesn’t have to rule your life. We understand that substance abuse can overtake every area of your life – we believe in finding multiple outlets to aid in your treatment and recovery experience. We at Next Step Recovery believe in the powerful benefits of outdoor programs for addiction recovery. Replace the need for drugs and alcohol with outdoor therapy!

Working on your mental health is an important factor in recovery. Outdoor therapy, or adventure therapy, is not only great for mental and physical health overall. It’s proven to help with drug addiction treatment as well. Spending time doing outdoor activities keeps one busy and distracts from the struggles of getting sober, especially when you’re early on in recovery.

Some treatment centers offer you time outside while in rehab, but it’s often spent in a boring courtyard or playing yard games.

With our outdoor activities as a form of therapy, you get time in nature to get real physical activity. It also helps you to cope with some withdrawal symptoms you might be experiencing. We even offer support groups you can join for various outdoor activities. At the same time, you embark on your addiction recovery.

Not convinced of adventure therapy yet? Nature and outdoor activities offer so many benefits for individuals struggling with drug use – it’s something you should make sure is included in your treatment plan.

Here are some additional benefits of outdoor therapy.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Nature therapy has been proven to reduce stress. Stress reduction is key to your overall well-being, especially when struggling with addiction. Studies show that walking in a green environment lowers the stress hormone cortisol, vital for optimal overall health.

Stress can be a major trigger for relapse. Finding ways to cope with the stress that don’t involve drugs and alcohol, like getting outdoors, is a tried and true method for helping with long-term recovery.

Improves cognitive functioning

Many who struggle with substance abuse can also have mental health problems like depression. Having an outdoor hobby improves mental health and can help cope with these cognitive issues. Getting into a scenic setting as part of your treatment program can significantly impact your recovery journey.

People often fall victim to substance abuse and addiction when struggling with depression, grief, anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Spending time outdoors significantly increases your ability to cope with mental health disorders.

Improves sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns can cause fatigue and irritability – neither of which is a good symptom when struggling with addiction. Adding time in nature to your treatment plan can help you to sleep better, so you are rested and well enough to focus on your recovery.

Lack of sleep can also be a factor in causing stress and triggering depression or anxiety, all of which are triggers for relapse.

Boosting serotonin and vitamin D

Skip the milk – regular sunshine is the best source of vitamin D, which can be depleted from substance abuse. Vitamin D and serotonin improve your mood, raise your energy levels, and address mental health symptoms – all of which are important benefits when undergoing addiction treatment.

Boost your immune system

One of the biggest effects of drug use, even after getting sober, is that it can continue to weaken your immune system. Spending time in nature can help rebuild your immune system while battling addiction. This is why having nature therapy in your addiction treatment.

Start Adventure Therapy with Next Step Recovery

We bridge the gap between inpatient treatment and sustainable sobriety. One of our methods is wilderness therapy programs that get you outside and moving. Spending time outdoors is part of our many holistic therapies to aid in drug rehab that can help you finally defeat addiction.

Adventure therapy helps make the aftermath of addiction feel less brutal. This fills those striving for recovery with hope and optimism about the future. Our patients have a chance to enjoy watersports, paintball, high ropes courses, hikes through the majestic Asheville area, and more.

We use activities like these to remind the men in our program that life is worth living beyond addiction. Learn to create positive experiences without drugs or alcohol. Relapse happens when you don’t have a healthy outlet to express yourself.

Replace it by spending time outside with wilderness therapy! Our programs get you outdoors as part of our holistic treatments to improve your mental health and overall recovery.

Ready to Take the Next Step with Addiction Treatment Programs?

Learn more about our programs in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, at Next Step Recovery.

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