Benefits of Using Brainspotting Therapy in Addiction Treatment

When it comes to getting help for mental health issues like substance use disorder, treatment is an approach that requires a multilevel approach. This is because not everyone experiences addiction the same way, and personalized treatment approaches garner better results. Therefore, treatment won’t look the same for every person who comes to get help at Next Step Recovery. Here, we understand that addiction treatment should be personalized and comprehensive according to every individual’s specific needs. This is why we work to make innovative therapies available to all who are struggling with addiction, including Brainspotting therapy. This therapy has shown efficacy in healing various symptoms in people diagnosed with substance use disorders and other types of mental health issues. But, what are the specific benefits of choosing an addiction treatment facility that offers Brainspotting for addiction treatment?

What is Brainspotting Therapy?

Originally developed in 2003 by a Dr. David Grand, brainspotting is a type of therapy that aims to address issues with trauma, mood regulation, and other mental health issues. In essence, the therapy uses the way the brain naturally processes and heals from trauma responses by looking into where the brain stores unresolved memories of trauma. During Brainspotting therapy sessions, individuals are asked to focus and identify eye positions, or brainspots, that are consistent with responses to trauma, emotions, or other mental health symptoms. Then, once brainspots are recognized, individuals can work to release these emotional and psychological energies.

As people who are living with addiction are commonly diagnosed with trauma and other mental health issues, it can be greatly helpful to utilize various approaches, like brainspotting therapy, during treatment in order to concurrently address these issues simultaneously. This resorts to greater response rates and success in long term recovery.

Some of the Benefits of Using Brainspotting Therapy During Addiction Treatment

There are a number of benefits to using brainspotting therapy during your time spent in addiction treatment including:

Healing Trauma: Trauma is not something that’s rare for people who are struggling with addiction. In all reality, it’s common for people who have developed addiction to have done so as the result of living through trauma. Healing this trauma by using tools like brainspotting therapy in addiction treatment can provide individuals with a safe and supportive environment to move forward with treatment goals.

Managing Addiction Triggers and Cravings: This type of therapy can assist with recognizing and subduing addiction triggers and cravings after time spent in treatment. Brainspotting is known to adjust the neurological courses in the brain that are associated with substance abuse. Therefore, helping to greatly reduce the risk of relapse.

Better Mood Management: Substance use disorders often come with symptoms like irritability, mood swings, etc. Brainspotting can help people living with addiction to better manage moods as it can allow individuals to express their emotions, releasing the energy that has been built up and reducing the chance of emotional outbursts or poor mood management.

Improved Self-Awareness: Brainspotting provides individuals with the environment and opportunity to get to know themselves better. This includes being provided with knowledge about why they may have developed addiction and causes that may have resulted in addictive behaviors. This knowledge can lead to better identification of self-destructive patterns in thoughts and behaviors which can then be adjusted, leading to growth and healing.

Better Confidence and Motivation: Brainspotting is a tool that can be used to help people learn more about themselves, why they are experiencing addiction, and even provide insight into how to better manage symptoms using what they’ve learned. This can assist with providing more confidence about recovery and even motivation to continue with other addiction treatment therapies and set more goals.

Choosing Next Step Recovery for Addiction Treatment and Healing

Here at Next Step Recovery, we dedicate ourselves to providing the access to tools and treatments that are successful in helping individuals heal from addiction and live healthy lives. This is why we offer therapies, like Brainspotting, that allow individuals more knowledge about why their brains work the way they do and why they may have developed addiction in the first place. With this knowledge, we provide people with the insight into how to develop healthy coping strategies in order to overcome addiction. If you or a man in your life is struggling with addiction, choosing a treatment facility that offers therapies like brainspotting may help to get you further on the road to recovery. Start your healing journey today by contacting Next Step Recovery.

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