5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center in Asheville, NC

Drug and alcohol addiction can keep you from living a healthy life. The consequences of addiction can be severe as substance use takes its toll on your health, emotional well-being, and relationships.

Getting help for an addiction is the best thing you can do for yourself both now and in the future. Instead of simply living the life your addiction chooses, getting treatment allows you to regain control over your health and work toward the goals you set.

Choosing a rehab center can seem overwhelming. There are many types of rehab programs in different settings and levels of care. You’ll need to consider which level of treatment you require, the special amenities you want, the therapies you’ll need, and more.

This guide will give you five important questions to ask before choosing an addiction treatment center in Asheville, North Carolina. Call the Next Step Recovery specialists today to explore our high-quality, comprehensive rehab programs or to find support at any stage of your recovery.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Center

When it comes to getting the best treatment for your unique needs and goals, it’s important to ask questions. Take a tour of the treatment center if you can, and make sure the staff gives you all the information you need.

Here are five questions you can ask to help determine if an addiction treatment center in Asheville is a good fit for you.

1. What are your program’s goals?

It’s important to ensure that a treatment center offers the level of care you need and the type of treatment you want to help you reach your goals. Before beginning treatment, take time to think about what success in treatment will look like to you. For example, you may want to not only get sober and learn relapse prevention skills but also to work through traumas or get treatment for mental illness. Or, you may want to explore or deepen elements of your religious or spiritual beliefs during treatment.

Make sure your goals align with the center’s ideal outcomes and the types of therapy and support it offers.

2. What happens in the intake assessment?

Before starting an addiction treatment program in Asheville, a doctor or addiction specialist will evaluate your needs by performing an intake assessment. An intake assessment typically includes questions about your substance use, family history, and mental health, as well as a physical exam and lab testing.

This assessment will allow your treatment team to tailor your treatment plan and identify physical and mental health conditions that require attention during rehab. Understanding what happens during this evaluation can help you feel more comfortable with the transition into rehab and give you confidence in the treatment you receive.

3. Do you work with my insurance?

Many people worry about how to pay for addiction treatment. Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act requires insurance companies to cover the cost of mental health and addiction treatment. However, coverage among plans can differ, so it’s important to ensure the rehab center works with your plan. Knowing what will and will not be covered by insurance allows you to make a plan and saves you from worrying about the unknown.

4. Do you help with aftercare?

Addiction is a complex condition that can’t be cured. Comprehensive programs provide treatment that allows people to identify and heal their addiction’s physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects–but it is only the beginning of a person’s recovery journey.

Rehab centers in Asheville often help people create aftercare plans that may include ongoing treatment, therapy, 12-step meetings, mental health care, and more. Some facilities have alumni groups or other peer support options. Ask about the support you’ll receive after leaving the program.

5. Is my treatment time limited?

Leaving rehab before you feel confident and comfortable can be very discouraging. It’s important to spend enough time in treatment to get the skills you need and have time to practice them while still getting support and care.

Ask how long your treatment program is and if there is the option to extend your time in rehab if you need to. You may need to verify that your insurance will cover additional time in treatment.

You may also ask if you will be able to transition into a different level of care after completing an initial treatment program. For example, some people begin treatment in an inpatient program and then transition into outpatient care when they’re ready.

The better you understand your needs, preferences,  and individual goals, the more confident you’ll feel in choosing an addiction treatment center. When you feel comfortable with your decision, you can make the most out of your time in treatment and come away with the skills and support you need to live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

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