What to Look for In An Asheville Addiction Treatment Center

Going into addiction treatment or drug rehab isn’t an easy path. Treatment centers should be where you can get the right help for substance abuse and addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Finding the right fit starts with knowing what to look for in an Asheville addiction treatment center.

As you search for an Asheville recovery center that works for you, you might start to notice that not all programs are built the same. It could take a while for you to find treatment services that work for your specific needs.

Feeling empowered to choose a treatment center yourself makes you more likely to achieve long-term recovery. Whether you have just started your search for substance abuse treatment in Asheville or searched for the right rehab center for a while, we recommend looking for a few things before deciding where to go.

Here are some things to look for when choosing an Asheville recovery center.

Consider your specific addiction and treatment needs

Not all addictions can be treated in the same way. You must look for addiction treatment services with expertise in helping people with your specific concerns. We strongly recommend finding a program that can cater to the substance you are using and provide the level of care you need.

Knowing whether or not they have what you need on your recovery journey is key to a lasting recovery. Studies show that feeling supported throughout your recovery journey is a proven way to help you make sobriety last.

Look into all the services they offer

Your recovery program should have multiple levels to its treatment approach to provide you with holistic treatment. Look into all the services the recovery program offers. A treatment facility should offer a recovery community and should walk alongside you through every step of your recovery.

Studies show that a more holistic approach to recovery programs is proven more effective in achieving long-term recovery.

Good rehabilitation facilities will offer:

  • Gender-specific treatment
  • Medical detox
  • Mental health and behavioral therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy or family therapy and support groups
  • Inpatient or outpatient services
  • Relapse prevention
  • Medication management and assistance
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Extended care
  • Offerings like yoga, medication, and other mental health and physical fitness programs

Exceptional recovery programs will also offer things like adventure therapy to add a routine to your life that is separate from drugs and alcohol. Adventure therapy is a great way to incorporate self-discovery into struggling individuals going through their recovery journey from substance use.

Consider their experience

To achieve real recovery, you should work with an experienced addiction treatment program and staff members who have a strong foundation for others like you. An effective treatment has proven results. Look into reviews for the treatment programs they offer and ensure they are not only right for you but also that they have a reputation for helping people through drug rehab and addiction.

Check out their financial options

Everyone deserves help getting sober, but no one deserves to go into debt because of it. Nevertheless, a drug rehab program can be pricey, even at an Asheville recovery center. Insurance or other types of financial solutions can greatly help the financial burden of substance abuse treatment.

When looking into the right treatment center, you should ask:

  • What payment options are available?
  • Do you take private health insurance plans?
  • What type of addiction treatment do your financial solutions cover?

We want to help you recover

Next Step Recovery in Asheville, North Carolina is a male-focused treatment center offering the best care for addiction treatment.

Recovery is a real adventure, and you shouldn’t go through it alone. We have a deep passion for helping people discover the treatment pathway that will help them finally achieve sober living and long-term recovery.

Next Step Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient Program Services in North Carolina for those struggling with substance abuse. We recommend our services to those who need to transition from a higher level of care, such as medical detox or a residential treatment program, and those in need of support to prevent relapse and supplement their recovery.

Our programs are extensive and effective, offering holistic approaches to treatment. Whether you need an intensive outpatient or a residential treatment program, we have treatment plans for everyone struggling with substance use and drug addiction.

We also offer comprehensive mental health services and recreational therapies that have proven effective for our clients in sustaining sobriety.

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