Spring Into Sobriety

We are announcing our, “Spring Into Sobriety,” initiative and urge those in the area to make the decision to heavily focus on sobriety this Spring. Our addiction treatment center provides services that are specifically designed to help men to overcome their addictions.

Spring is the time for new beginnings and we want to invite those with addictions to Spring into your Sobriety with us here in Asheville, NC. We are considered one of the best men’s recovery programs in the United States, because we know that men face unique challenges with regards to overcoming their addictions and provide specialized care for men. We invite everyone to learn more about our programs by visiting our website at

Addiction treatment programs here at Next Step Recovery are designed to help men transition from inpatient programs to aftercare. The programs focus on clinical aspects of overcoming addiction, but they go far beyond that to further include community support. The programs are designed to help men to not only overcome their addictions, but to learn to maintain their sobriety for the remainder of their lives.

Addiction of any kind is not an easy thing to overcome. One needs more than just clinical help, which is what our programs entail. We combine the clinical side of addiction recovery with the tools and support that men need to maintain their sobriety.

Statistics on the number of those with addiction who, “fall off the wagon,” are not favorable for the most part, and particularly so for men.

spring into sobriety shows men why Next Step Recovery is a better choice when it comes to the long-term aspects of sobriety. Our facility enlists programs such as adventure therapy to help men to learn to cope with their lack of substances. Adventure therapy may include activities such as hiking, zip lining, white water rafting and even paintball to help men learn to enjoy their lives and look forward to their futures without substances.

The sad truth is that many men who succumb to addiction do not really see anything in their futures to give them hope. Men who are addicted often feel as if they have lost everything. Their families may be gone and likely have lost their jobs. Their futures simply look bleak, which is what our programs are designed to offset. We want these men to know that there are bright futures ahead for them. They just have to want to grasp those futures and our job is to help them to do just that.

Here at Next Step Recovery, we have a 12-week intensive outpatient program that can help men to transition to daily living. The program includes one-on-one therapy, as well as, job search assistance, alcohol screening, transportation, weekly onsite counseling, relapse prevention therapy and a number of stress management tools that are designed to help those in the program to be successful. In addition, the facility provides additional therapy types including yoga, meditation, dual diagnosis, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and many others. All therapies and programs are specifically designed to assist men in their goals of overcoming their addiction and staying sober.

Those who are interested in learning more us can visit online at or contact us directly by phone at 828-350-9960. We offer services to those outside the local area, as well as, those in Asheville. Anyone interested in learning more about what it may take can schedule a consultation and reach to us by using our online contact form. Those currently suffering from addiction or loved ones of those who are addicted are urged to reach out to our facility to learn more about how we can help to overcome addiction and ensure lifelong success with sobriety.

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