How to Find the Best Addiction Treatment Center in North Carolina

You have made a big step by beginning the search for addiction treatment centers that can help you overcome substance abuse and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow. As you begin the search, you will begin to realize that not all addiction treatment services are created equal. In fact, depending on your needs, some substance abuse treatment programs will not be able to effectively treat your substance abuse, or do not have the tools and resources to prepare you for long-term recovery.

Whether you have just started your search for substance abuse treatment in North Carolina, or have searched the right rehab center for a while, we recommend looking for the following things when choosing a treatment facility that leads to lifelong sobriety.

Consider Your Specific Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Treatment centers often provide a certain level of care or cater to a specific type of addiction. We recommend finding a treatment center that:

Ask About Their Mental Health Services Administration

Mental health is a large component of a sustainable recovery. After all, if we are not able to get to the root of the issue, negative coping mechanisms such as substance abuse can continue to run rampant. We encourage you to ask rehab centers you are considering the following questions when it comes to mental health:

These answers will help you understand how the treatment center makes mental wellness a priority.

Do they Offer Financing Solutions?

Rehab programs can be pricey, and having insurance or other types of financial solutions can greatly help the financial burden of substance abuse treatment. We recommend you ask rehab centers the following in regards to payment plans and insurance:

  • “What payment options are available?”
  • “Do you take private health insurance plans?”
  • “What type of addiction treatment do your financial solutions cover?”

Understanding the answers to these questions can help you feel comfortable in the treatment you are receiving, and help you choose a rehab center that is financially accommodating.

Finding the Right Treatment Facility for You

Finding the right treatment center for substance abuse in North Carolina is the first step to developing positive habits and starting a new life free from addiction. If you have any additional questions about how to choose the right treatment facility, or what to look for in an addiction program, reach out to us at any time. From all of us at Next Step Recovery, we are excited that you are taking this journey to healing, and would be honored to support you along the way.

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