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How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost in North Carolina?

People living with drug and alcohol addiction must seek high-quality, comprehensive addiction treatment as soon as possible to avoid the life-threatening consequences of these conditions. Even when addiction causes severe harm to a person’s mental and physical health, relationships, and other aspects of their lives, many do not seek the treatment they need to recover.

But why do people delay getting the help they clearly need to manage and overcome an addiction? For many, worrying about the cost of treatment prevents them from even attempting to get help.

So, what is the cost of rehab? This guide can help you understand the cost of addiction treatment in North Carolina. If you need help, don’t let the cost of addiction treatment prevent you from getting it. Reach out to the addiction specialists at Next Step Recovery to explore your treatment and payment options.

What is the Cost of Rehab Programs in North Carolina?

The level of care and type of program you attend can influence the cost of addiction treatment programs. Keep in mind that people generally benefit from attending treatment at multiple levels of care. For example, attending a medically-supported detox program can assist with detoxification, but it’s essential to continue on in a comprehensive treatment program that addresses the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of your addiction.

Here is some general information about the cost of addiction treatment by the level of care. Always consult with the treatment facility to learn the current expenses of the services you require.


Outpatient detox programs can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. This can vary based on the length of the program and what services you require. Inpatient or residential treatment programs often include detox in the total price of the program.

Residential and inpatient rehab

In an inpatient program, patients live in the treatment facility and have access to round-the-clock care and monitoring. The cost of addiction treatment programs like these includes all aspects of treatment, including staffing, meals, housing, and more.

It’s nearly impossible to determine the cost of rehab programs because they vary so greatly. Some 30-day programs cost around $5,000, and others can be upwards of $20,000 for a month-long program.

Outpatient rehab

People who do not require 24/7 supervision and treatment may be eligible to participate in outpatient treatment programs. Because patients do not have to pay for housing, meals, or other amenities, the cost of outpatient rehab programs tends to be lower. Many 90-day outpatient rehab programs in North Carolina cost between $5,000 and $10,000.


Medications used during detox and treatment can raise the cost of the programs. The price of medications depends on what drugs patients need and how long they stay in rehab. Generally, medications for a 30, 60, or 90-day program may add $1,000 to the cost of rehab.

What Affects the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

Every treatment facility has its own approach to treating addiction, meaning they offer different amenities, levels of care, and services. Several factors can affect the cost of rehab.

Level of care

One of the most significant factors that affect the cost of addiction treatment is the type of facility and level of care you receive. Outpatient treatment generally costs less than inpatient programs.

Type of facility

Amenities like luxurious housing and gourmet dining can raise the cost of addiction treatment, while standard facilities are likely to be less expensive.

Types of treatment

The majority of treatment facilities offer comprehensive treatment programs that include holistic and evidence-based therapies. Offering new approaches to treating addiction, such as neurofeedback and brain mapping, may increase the overall cost of rehab programs.


Luxurious grounds and prime locations can increase the cost of rehab programs. The more sought-after an area is, the more costly addiction treatment will likely be.

Ultimately, the most important thing to consider when choosing a rehab program is whether it can meet your needs and help you reach your goals. In some cases, this may mean choosing a facility with a higher cost of addiction treatment.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Insurance can cover the cost of rehab–in some cases, all of it–thanks to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. This law requires insurance companies to cover some or all of the cost of addiction treatment and mental health care.

Each insurance plan is different, so you must verify the details of your specific plan before seeking treatment. This will help you understand which services will be covered and what you may need to pay out of pocket.

Can I Afford Rehab Without Insurance?

Not having insurance or being unable to cover the cost of rehab shouldn’t prevent you from getting the help you need to leave addiction behind. There are several ways to get the addiction treatment you need, including:

  • Attending free or low-cost addiction treatment programs
  • Using a sliding-scale payment plan
  • Financing treatment
  • Applying for rehab scholarships
  • Asking friends and family for financial support

If the cost of addiction treatment seems high, remember that the cost of addiction is measured in money, time, health, memories, and lost opportunities. In the long run, your addiction will be much more expensive than the cost of rehab.

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You don’t have to live with your addiction. Comprehensive, caring treatment can let you live the healthy, fulfilling life you deserve. The help you need is only a phone call away. Contact the Next Step Recovery specialists today to verify your insurance, learn about your treatment options, and get started.

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