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Next Step Recovery aims to provide the highest quality Intensive Outpatient Programs specifically designed for men ages 18-40 in early recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders in drug rehab in the Asheville, NC Community.

Next Step Recovery Asheville

Whether you have struggled with addiction for a long time or are just beginning to understand the effects of substance abuse on your overall well-being, we are here to help. Whether it be work, relationships, emotional health, or spirituality, those who struggle with addiction do not need to take the journey alone.

If you are ready to seek help, we’re here to help you. Next Step Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that creates an environment where individuals can receive the support they need and recover from their addiction.

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Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab

Intensive outpatient care (also known as IOP) involves patients receiving treatment 3 to 5 days a week while residing at home throughout their care. Our intensive drug and alcohol rehab outpatient program is 12 weeks long and ideal for those at the beginning stages of addiction.

Our three-pronged approach involves individual counseling, group therapy, and 12-step education. These three aspects of our treatment program work hand-in-hand to guide our patients through their recovery journey and provide them with the level of care they need through the difficult early sobriety time.

For questions about our IOP program, insurance, eligibility, and more, reach out to Next Step Recovery in Asheville today. We’d be happy to discuss our IOP program with you in further detail and answer any questions.


Wilderness Adventure Therapy

We believe recovery treatment centers should reignite patients with their passions and promote overall wellness! We’ve found that patients benefit from time in the great outdoors—enjoying nature and all it offers.

Our wilderness adventure therapy program allows young men to have fun in sobriety by going on outdoor adventures. In our Asheville recovery center, we believe that outdoor therapy is important.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by lots of natural beauty at our treatment center, and we love to share this beauty with those in our care. With outdoor adventure therapy, we show our patients that there is hope, freedom, and joy in a sober lifestyle.

12-Step Programs

One aspect of our recovery program is 12-step support. 12-step programs have helped millions of people worldwide recover and live fulfilling lives.

Through 12-step programs, those struggling with substance abuse find that they can become part of a community that encourages honesty, integrity, and lasting sobriety. 12-step programs also offer patients anonymity—allowing them to share and connect with others along their sobriety journey without fear of judgment.

Through the 12-step addictions treatment, patients are encouraged to connect with their spirituality while learning about accountability, honesty, humility, and acceptance. Those in 12-step programs are taught to let go of the pain they have experienced in the past while also learning from their mistakes.

Our 12-step program allows you to learn great sobriety tools in our rehabilitation program and life after rehab.


12 step program at Next Step Recovery, drug rehab asheville nc

Two excellent options for therapy that we offer our patients at Next Step Recovery in Asheville are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). To provide addiction treatment services, CBT and DBT have been proved very helpful. These effective treatment therapies have also proven to help individuals overcome addiction challenges and have significant advantages that allow our patients to recover better and create lasting sobriety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy encourages patients to use logic to identify their negative thought patterns. Once they better understand these thought patterns, they can make changes by promoting healthy habits and removing negative habits and behaviors.

CBT involves patients “mapping out” their behavior and thought patterns. CBT is a clinically proven method of therapy that is employed around the globe to help those suffering from:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

The real world can be a difficult place to deal with emotionally. DBT provides the tools patients need to become resilient to the stresses created by the outside world. With DBT, our patients can handle difficult times during recovery and after graduation from our treatment facility.

DBT allows patients to manage their emotions through difficult times better. With DBT, patients’ feelings are validated and encouraged to address the stress they are feeling.

With DBT, patients learn about:

exercise therapy at Next Step Recovery for men, drug rehab asheville nc

Exercise Therapy

Those in recovery programs need to relieve stress and anxiety and better connect with the body. Exercise allows us to show our bodies love and care and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride.

One significant component of exercise therapy is the focus on the current moment it provides. With exercise, patients can stay mindful and develop positive coping mechanisms, which is extremely important for overall recovery in young adults.

Our exercise program involves yoga, meditation, and martial arts. Through these physical expressions, patients can channel their energy, grow, and develop a skill set that can last them a lifetime. Patients find empowerment through mastery of the martial arts and relaxation through yoga and meditation. Combined, our patients can better connect their bodies and the world around them.

Life Skills

At Next Step Recovery, we ensure that our patients have the life skills they need to succeed in long-term recovery. Because of this, we ask that our patients attend class, work, or volunteer at least 30 hours a week. Patients must participate in weekly support groups to encourage growth and learn new skills.

These responsibilities not only create a sense of purpose but also prepare the patient to learn to balance their sobriety and care with the pressures of the outside world. We give our patients the tools they need to transition back to their daily lives and continue to be successful.

life skills for men in recovery, drug rehab asheville nc

Why Next Step Recovery Treatment in Asheville?

There are many different rehabilitation programs to choose from in the Asheville area. Next Step Recovery provides various treatment programs of healing that many other facilities do not offer. These include:

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Our outpatient program isn't just a facility but a family and recovery community. We understand how important human connection is for long-term success and sobriety. That is why we focus on building bonds of community and peer support. We also encourage our patientsto help hold each other accountable for natural recovery. Together, our patients can achieve great things!

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Multiple Methods of Healing

We don't just offer one way for our patients to recover but many ways to achieve long-term recovery. At Next Step Recovery, we offer various forms of therapy to address different aspects of recovery. This includes DBT, CBT, 12-step work, outdoor therapy, and more. We approach recovery from various angles to address the myriad of problems that can stand between a loved one and their sobriety.

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Normalcy is key to success, as is having structure. Many individuals who struggle with addiction lack structure in their lives, which leads to poor decision-making. Our recovery center gives patients the structure and stability they need to continue along their journey and feel pride in their success. Above everything else, we care about our patients and their success. At Next Step Recovery, we want to ensure you have every tool possible to find healing and get the care and support you deserve.

Our Code of Ethics

We respect all of our patients, and we believe it is through our code of ethics that we can best provide our patients with the support they need. Our values include:

We don’t judge our patients and create an environment of positivity, care, and acceptance. Early recovery is hard enough as it is. At Next Step Recovery, we make sure all of our patients feel safe, heard, and secure. You aren’t just another number to us. You are a community member!

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Recovery is a lifelong journey, but you don’t need to take it alone. At Next Step Recovery, we give you the tools and support you need to get through early sobriety and find lasting healing. Our goal is to empower our patients to be their best selves and live the lives they deserve.

Contact us today if you have questions about our programs, methods, insurance, etc. We look forward to helping you to get started along the road to recovery!

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Our goal is to help you overcome your addiction and develop the tools you need for a sustainable recovery. Give us a call to learn more about our addiction treatment programs for men.