How to Choose the Right Outpatient Men’s Addiction Treatment Provider

Choosing the Right Outpatient Men's Addiction Treatment Provider

Choosing the right outpatient addiction treatment provider is an important step in the recovery journey. At Next Step Recovery, we understand the unique needs of men seeking to overcome addiction. So, what are the factors to consider when selecting an outpatient men’s addiction treatment provider? Do They Have the Credentials and Experience? Qualified Professionals: Make […]

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about meth addiction treatment

Meth addiction can be managed once you choose to invite trained help like Next Step Recovery into your life. Quitting meth use tends to be much harder when done alone.  To achieve lasting progress, you’ll need help in treating the source of your substance use habits. In this article, we’ll discuss what you might expect […]

How Does Addiction Start?

how does addiction start?

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight, and it can affect any individual of any background, age, or economic level. Because of the broad spectrum of people that are affected by addiction, it can be difficult to understand how your loved one ended up with a substance use disorder, or to pinpoint the moment the addiction developed. You […]

Addiction in Women Versus Men

addiction in women vs. men

Addiction is a disease that affects people of all ages, genders, nationalities, and races. With that said, there are some differences between the sexes. Whether you are male or female, though, if you are struggling with addiction, it is important to seek help. For men, Next Step Recovery is here to provide you with the […]

Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

long term effects of drug abuse

Many people addicted to substances don’t realize what long-term damage they are doing to their bodies. They may have experienced some short-term consequences (like trips to the hospital) but that may not be enough to deter the behavior. A lot of patients don’t realize the long-term damage they are doing to their bodies until it […]

NSR of Asheville’s Transitional Living Homes

traditional living homes in asheville, north carolina

We are reaching out to the community to share information on Next Step Recovery of Asheville’s transitional living homes, a 501c3 non-profit we support,  and why it is important to choose a safe, supportive environment to recover. Details on our organization and its mission are available here. “A safe, supportive environment is among the most […]

Heroin Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about heroin addiction treatment

Heroin addiction is a lifelong condition that should not be faced alone. Escaping addiction is not simple. Despite your best efforts, addiction will always overpower you until you accept that your challenges are bigger than drug use. In this article, we’ll discuss heroin addiction and what to expect in addiction treatment. As we unpack addiction […]

Alcoholism: Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Addiction Treatment

everything you need to know about alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction gets easier to cope with once you’ve embraced help. When you’re trying to stop drinking, you might find that it’s harder than you think.  As a chronic disease, you’ve got to treat the root causes before you can manage it. In this article, Next Step Recovery will unpack alcoholism and what to expect […]

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