How Can an Asheville Sober Living Home Help Me Stay Sober?

Asheville sober living home

Achieving and maintaining sobriety can be a challenging journey that is full of highs and lows. For most people, recovery requires a substance-free and supportive environment that provides the tools needed for long-term success. Since a lack of stable, supportive, and drug-and-alcohol-free housing is a major obstacle in recovery for most people, sober living homes […]

What to Look For in a Men’s Sober Living Home in Asheville

men's sober living home in Asheville

Recovering from addiction takes time, patience, and a lot of support. Men in recovery need to make and follow plans that help them stay active at every stage of recovery–especially when they leave rehab. It can be challenging to jump straight into your regular routines after spending time in a structured rehab program. Many men […]

5 Benefits of Staying in a Sober Living Home in North Carolina

5 benefits of staying in a sober living home in north carolina

A major barrier faced by many people in early recovery is the lack of stable, supportive, and sober housing after treatment ends. People leave the safe, supportive setting of their rehab center and are thrown back into the same environments in which they abused drugs and alcohol. Sober living homes are drug-and-alcohol-free residences reserved for […]

How to Find a Men’s Sober Living in North Carolina

finding a men's sober living in north carolina

Sober living homes for men are safe, supportive, and drug-and-alcohol-free housing arrangements that are available to men in early recovery. Some people stay in a sober living home while receiving intensive outpatient treatment and others transition to sober living after completing an inpatient rehab program. Regardless of the situation, staying in a North Carolina sober […]

NSR of Asheville’s Transitional Living Homes

traditional living homes in asheville, north carolina

We are reaching out to the community to share information on Next Step Recovery of Asheville’s transitional living homes, a 501c3 non-profit we support,  and why it is important to choose a safe, supportive environment to recover. Details on our organization and its mission are available here. “A safe, supportive environment is among the most […]

Sober Living: Everything You Need to Know About Long-Term Addiction Support

everything you need to know about long-term addiction support

Sober living programs help individuals transition from intensive addiction treatment to independent living. However, not all long-term programs are created equal. It’s important to choose a rehab aftercare program that cares about making sobriety sustainable.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of shady tactics in the addiction treatment industry. This can add tremendous stress to the […]

When Helping Hurts: Breaking the Chains of Codependency to Help Your Son Thrive

breaking the chains of codependency to help your son thrive

You’ve gotten your son through detox. He’s completed his inpatient treatment. Now you’ve found him a safe and sober place to live, maybe even one that includes lots of structure and support like we have here at Next Step Recovery. He’s going to 12-step meetings, he’s looking for work or thinking about going back to school, […]

Celebrating Our 12th Year of Recovery Support in Amazing Asheville, NC

celebrating 12th year of recovery in assheville, north carolina

In May 2018, we celebrated the anniversary of our founding and the beginning of our 12th year supporting men in early recovery from alcohol and substance abuse through highly structured recovery programs that include an intensive outpatient program and a sober living community with three recovery houses. We recently have a conversation between Susan Stader, […]

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