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Can I Get Treatment for Addiction and Mental Health at the Same Time?

treatment for addiction and mental health

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that can negatively impact every area of your life. Oftentimes, substance abuse stems from underlying mental health issues or unresolved past traumas. It is common for people suffering from addiction to be completely unaware that they have an underlying mental illness, as the substances make it difficult to […]

Dual Diagnosis: Everything You Need to Know About Co-Occurring Addiction & Mental Illness

everything you need to know about co-occurring addiction and mental illness

Dual diagnosis programs treat addiction and mental disorders for a stable recovery. Sobriety is a lifetime effort.  For true recovery, individuals will have to treat their addiction and any traumas that may link to their addiction. Dual diagnosis can reveal wounds that surround an addiction to ensure a lasting recovery. What this article will cover: […]

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