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5 Benefits of Staying in a Sober Living Home in North Carolina

5 benefits of staying in a sober living home in north carolina

A major barrier faced by many people in early recovery is the lack of stable, supportive, and sober housing after treatment ends. People leave the safe, supportive setting of their rehab center and are thrown back into the same environments in which they abused drugs and alcohol. Sober living homes are drug-and-alcohol-free residences reserved for […]

Brainspotting for Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

everything you need to know about brainspotting for addiction treatment

Brainspotting can unpack deep traumas linked to the root of your addiction. If you’ve felt at a standstill with your progress in other therapies, brainspotting can dig deeper.  For others, you may find other issues you’ve never confronted before. In this article, we’ll guide you on the role of brainspotting in addiction recovery care. Along […]

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about meth addiction treatment

Meth addiction can be managed once you choose to invite trained help like Next Step Recovery into your life. Quitting meth use tends to be much harder when done alone.  To achieve lasting progress, you’ll need help in treating the source of your substance use habits. In this article, we’ll discuss what you might expect […]

Addiction Treatment Costs: How Much You Should Pay & How to Save on Quality Care

addiction treatment costs

Costs of addiction treatment should never hold you back from seeking sobriety. However, addiction care can seem expensive for those with plenty of other financial burdens.  Many individuals with addictions stay away from treatment for this reason. Understanding the cost is an important first step to feeling ready for recovery.  That’s why we’d like to […]

Heroin Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about heroin addiction treatment

Heroin addiction is a lifelong condition that should not be faced alone. Escaping addiction is not simple. Despite your best efforts, addiction will always overpower you until you accept that your challenges are bigger than drug use. In this article, we’ll discuss heroin addiction and what to expect in addiction treatment. As we unpack addiction […]

Men’s Addiction & Addiction Care Guide: Everything You Need to Know

everything you need to know about men's addiction and addiction care guide

Addiction in men is uniquely challenging for those seeking long-lasting sobriety. As men use addictive substances, many factors can lead to dependency.  Addiction is more than coping—it can result from any number of biological or genetics issues. As you start the path to recovery, we at Next Step Recovery, want you to know how men’s […]

Alcoholism: Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Addiction Treatment

everything you need to know about alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol addiction gets easier to cope with once you’ve embraced help. When you’re trying to stop drinking, you might find that it’s harder than you think.  As a chronic disease, you’ve got to treat the root causes before you can manage it. In this article, Next Step Recovery will unpack alcoholism and what to expect […]

Suboxone vs. Vivitrol vs. Sublocade: Difference Between, Uses, Administration, & More

difference between suboxone, vivitrol, and sublocade

Choosing between Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade medication may be an important piece of a client’s opiate addiction recovery. Physical cravings and withdrawals are a major burden on the journey to sobriety.  Medications help to control and stabilize a client’s biology back to a healthy state. Both medications are used to eliminate addiction on a chemical […]

Dual Diagnosis: Everything You Need to Know About Co-Occurring Addiction & Mental Illness

everything you need to know about co-occurring addiction and mental illness

Dual diagnosis programs treat addiction and mental disorders for a stable recovery. Sobriety is a lifetime effort.  For true recovery, individuals will have to treat their addiction and any traumas that may link to their addiction. Dual diagnosis can reveal wounds that surround an addiction to ensure a lasting recovery. What this article will cover: […]

The Continuum of Care for Addiction: Your Pathway to Sustainable Addiction Recovery

the continuum of care for addiction

The Continuum of Addiction Care is simply a personalized roadmap to sobriety. Individuals on the journey to recovery will be healing for a lifetime.  The continuum of care carries them through an uninterrupted stream of recovery programs. Clients with a gapless plan for recovery are far more likely to make sobriety sustainable. In this article, […]

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