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5 Advantages of Men’s Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

men's group therapy in addiction treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to significant–sometimes life-threatening–harm to your physical and emotional well-being. If you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse or addiction, getting treatment is the best decision you can make to protect yourself from devastating harm and complications. With the right treatment, you can overcome the physical, emotional, and […]

Brainspotting for Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need To Know

everything you need to know about brainspotting for addiction treatment

Brainspotting can unpack deep traumas linked to the root of your addiction. If you’ve felt at a standstill with your progress in other therapies, brainspotting can dig deeper.  For others, you may find other issues you’ve never confronted before. In this article, we’ll guide you on the role of brainspotting in addiction recovery care. Along […]

CBT for Addiction: Everything You Need To Know About Cognitive Behavior Therapy

everything you need to know about cognitive behavior therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps clients learn emotional coping in addiction recovery. Individuals in recovery will have a lifelong journey toward healing.  But, they must equip themselves with life skills to maintain sobriety after rehabilitation. CBT changes old ways of thinking to create healthier behaviors in a sober life. This article will cover key questions you may […]

DBT for Addiction: Everything You Need To Know About Dialectical Behavior Therapy

everything you need to know about dialectical behavior therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy helps those in recovery find a healthier state of mind. Individuals on the journey to recovery will find themselves healing for a lifetime.  Therapy equips them with skills to stay sober and independent after early recovery. DBT focuses on aspects of acceptance and change in sobriety. What this article will cover: What […]

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