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About Us

What Is Sober Living?

You might have heard of halfway or three-quarter houses. However, most people are not quite sure what they are. Hotel, boarding house, apartments for recovering addicts?


The Next Step Recovery house for men is none of the above. Our highly structured transitional living program is an essential next step after addictions treatment that improves the likelihood of a successful long-term recovery. Many of our residents are referred from some of the best addictions treatment centers in the nation.


We are located just minutes from downtown Asheville, a vibrant city famous for its beautiful mountain surroundings, diverse entertainment and recreational opportunities, and strong community of people dedicated to recovery and healthy living.

Who We Serve

Residents choose Next Step Recovery because they want to continue working on their recovery in a safe, supportive and substance-free environment. They are fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, coworkers, students and friends. They are ordinary and extraordinary men struggling to overcome what is often a hidden but all too common disease—one that takes its toll not only on the addict, but also on his family, friends and community.


Fortunately, the disease of addiction is treatable. Next Step Recovery’s structured 3-18 month program is an important early step in any long-term recovery plan. Although our program may vary in length depending on an individual’s needs, a 90 day commitment is required. Our sober living program is voluntary.

Alcohol/Drug Screening

We are committed to providing a supportive, drug- and alcohol-free community to our residents in recovery. The use of alcohol or drugs will result in immediate dismissal. We enforce this policy by administering random daily drug screens, sending urine screens to a lab once a week, and by screening after all passes.

Background Check

To ensure we maintain a safe environment for our residents and staff, all applicants will be subject to a background check and a telephone interview. No applicant will be accepted with a history of violent crimes, arson, assault on a female, or sexual assault charges or convictions.

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